• I participate in the DN42 BGP network (AS4242421869).
  • See my BGP Objects in the DN42 Registry Explorer.
  • Open peering policy, contact me to get started.
  • I filter invalid BGP prefix advertisements using RPKI-ROA, see my other post for more details.

DN42 Nodes

My Cloud VPSs use BIRD and VyOS.


Status      : Online
Location    : Lille, France
ISP         : Virtua.Cloud
Bandwidth   : 50Mbps, Unmetered (Apparently)
Endpoint    : fr-lil1.dn42.usman.network
WG Pub Key  : qwjXj/6R9ThUnqeOAYN+MxM6CbIgzjS8WFDdXuyEpHY=
WG Tunl IP  :


Status      : Offline
Location    : London, UK
ISP         : AWS EC2
Bandwidth   : 70Mbps
Endpoint    : uk-lon1.dn42.usman.network
WG Pub Key  : 9Cw2sSRMATDxQzG4+Je/O1pFqJ64xsvlnfmknHb2dhE=
WG Tunl IP  :