Logical Overview


Network Infrastructure Breakdown:

  • My network mainly consists of two Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Xs, two Cisco Catalyst switches, and cloud VPSs.

  • WireGuard is used as the VPN tunneling protocol, to connect sites and VPS Instances.

  • DN42 BGP: I’m a member of the DN42 BGP project.

    • fr-lil1, uk-lon1, us-west1 act as the eBGP edge routers, peering peering with various providers, and allowing access the to the DN42 private network.
    • iBGP between fr-lil1, uk-lon1 & us-west1 (exchanging only external DN42 BGP routes).
    • Prefixes from eBGP peers are filtered using RPKI-ROA (docker), such that invalid prefixed are removed. See my other post for more info.
  • OSPF:

    • OSPF area 0 between erx.usman, erx.zahid & fr-lil1 (advertising only internal routes).
    • fr-lil1 is the OSPF ABR.
    • OSPF area 1 between fr-lil1, uk-lon1 & us-west1.
    • Using MultiArea OSPF, so that a full DN42 BGP route table isn’t redistributed into OSPF.
    • is summarised into area 0, at the OSPF ABR (fr-lil1).
  • Source NAT on erx.usman & erx.zahid, such that traffic destined for DN42 services (, is translated into a DN42 IP (from my range).

  • Authoritative DNS records (for the .lan TLD) are running on pi.usman.lan & plex.usman.lan, as Unbound Docker Containers.

  • Partly deployed using Drone CI/CD and my own Python Configuration Management Framework.

  • See github.com/usman-u/network-automation and github.com/usman-u/usmannet for more info.

LibreNMS Weathermap


Click here to see a live version of the weathermap.

More Info:

My Home LAN

  • Ubiquiti Edgerouter X - erx.usman.lan

    • WireGuard VPNs to erx.zahid.lan and dn42-vps.lan.
    • OSPF area 1 neighbors witherx.zahid.lan and dn42-vps.lan.
    • Source NAT on VPN interfaces, such that any outbound traffic destined for DN42, is NATed to a DN42 IP.
    • Router-On-A-Stick VLANs - with a VLAN trunk down to the Cisco 2960G.
  • Cisco 2960G - usman-cisco.lan

    • Basic Layer 2 switching to normal end user hosts.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 8GB - pi.usman.lan

  • WD 8TB NAS - nas.usman.lan

    • SMB Shares.
    • Plex Media Server

My DN42 Nodes

Offsite Network - Owned by Zahid (see f2ncy.github.io)

  • Ubiquiti Edgerouter X - erx.zahid.lan

    • WireGuard VPNs and OSPF area 1 to erx.usman.lan and fr-lil1.dn42
    • Source NAT on VPN interfaces, such that any outbound traffic destined for DN42, is NATed to a DN42 IP.
  • Cisco 3560G - core.zahid.lan

    • SVIs for VLANs.
    • OSPF area 1 with erx.zahid.lan
  • Raspberry Pi 4 8GB - pi.zahid.lan

    • Running as a host for Docker apps.